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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some bedtime reading....

Want to know where some of that surcharge money on your utility bills goes? Then cozy up with the 36-page booklet the state released recently that details how money from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) was spent in 2008.

Among the highlights of the booklet:

- Programs implemented through the CEEF resulted in $774 million worth of lifetime savings for Connecticut ratepayers.
- CEEF programs assisted 11,213 low-income families last year, resulting in annual energy savings of more than $3.1 million.
- Nearly 2,000 small businesses saw over $8 million in annual savings from CEEF programs in 2008.
- Last year, CEEF programs supported approximately 1,500 non-utility jobs in the energy efficiency industry.

Okay, so the CEEF booklet may not be a scintillating a read as the latest Dennis Lehane novel. But it’s your money that going into the fund, so you owe it to yourself to take a look at the booklet.

The report can be downloaded to your computer by going to Printed copies are also available by calling (877)-947-3873.


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