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Thursday, July 16, 2009

We're In The Money

Stimulus money may yet trickle down to the average Connecticut resident, particularly if that resident is in the market for an energy efficient appliance.

The U.S. Department of Energy announced this week that Connecticut will receive up to $3.36 million in funding federal stimulus money for its state-run rebate program available to those who purchase new ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. ENERGY STAR is a well-known labeling program that helps consumers identify the energy efficiency level of different products.

Of course, in order to receive the money, state officials have to submit a plan specifying which ENERGY STAR appliance categories will be included in the rebate program, the amount of money that will be returned to consumers for each product type, how the rebates will be processed, and a plan for recycling old appliances.

States interested in using the federal money for their rebate programs must file an application expressing their intent to participate by August 15, according to DOE officials. The state then have to submit full applications by October 15.

The states will receive 10 percent of the federal money for the ENERGY STAR rebates after submitting an initial application to DOE. The remainder will be given out once the feds have approved the plans submitted by the states.

DOE officials anticipate that a vast majority of funding will be awarded by November 30,.

Although there are more than a 60 types of appliance categories, the DOE is recommending that states focus their rebate programs on heating and cooling equipment, appliances, and water heaters. That's because those types of products offer the greatest energy savings potential.


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