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Monday, August 24, 2009

Shelton Firm's Solar Project Shines

Officials of Opel International, the Shelton-based solar equipment maker, are reporting a milestone in one of the company's European joint ventures.

Opel International and its partner in Spain,
BETASOL, announced the completion last week of the second phase of a four-phase, 440 kilowatt utility grade solar photovoltaic power plant in that European country.

Opel International’s tracking solar panel technology is deployed on a four-acre site, according to company officials. The tracking technology allows solar panels to shift as the sun moves from east to west in the sky; and at the location in Spain, there are 20 tracking solar panels per acre.

Here's a look at the kind of solar panels Opel International is deploying:

The balance of the installation is expected to be done during the third quarter of 2009, according to company official. When the project is fully completed, it will supply electricity to over 350 households.

Opel International has now shipped roughly $1 million worth of its solar panels to the grid field installation, which is located in the Tarragona region of Northern Spain.

The solar farm will be sold to investors that specialize in the power business. That is the point, according to company officials, at which the total value of the solar panels included in the Spanish joint venture will be included as revenue of Opel International's balance sheet.

"OPEL continues to focus on completing the multiple phases of our first Spanish installation, growing our sales force to take advantage of a variety of new opportunities and driving down the cost of our products,” said Michael McCoy, the company's chief financial officer.

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