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Friday, September 25, 2009

A New Course For A New Technology

One of the new courses being offered at Gateway Community College this fall is an introduction to alternative fuels technology.

The course offers a broad overview of of sustainable energy, green technologies and advanced technologies for the automobile. It also covers issues involving renewable fuels like bio-diesel and ethanol.

The launch of the course this semester is part of an effort to create a new stand-alone alternative fuels certificate program next spring. Gateway already offers an alternative fuels vehicle certificate program.

The launch of the stand-alone alternative fuels program is being funded as part of a $2 million grant that was awarded to Connecticut's community colleges at the beginning of this year to deliver education and training to students so they have the skills needed to enter careers in growing fields of employment.

“This new certificate initiative demonstrates that Gateway is committed to being part of the solution to today’s environmental and global resource challenges and dedicated to being a leader in this important and growing educational area ,” said Anthony K. Rish III, an assistant professor and lead instructor for Gateway's alternative fuels vehicles program.


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