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Monday, October 26, 2009

United Technologies Gets Federal Grant Money

EAST HARTFORD - The federal Department of Energy (DOE) said Monday that it has given the United Technologies Research Center $2.25 million to develop a technology that ultimately could be used to capture carbon dioxide emitted from coal -fired power plants.

The UTC Research Center project is one of 37 that received $151 million in funding from the Energy Department’s newly created Advanced Research Projects Agency. This is the first round of projects funded by the DOE's agency, which is receiving at total of $400 million in stimulus money to develop creative and inventive approaches to address critical energy issues using technology.

The 37 projects that are receiving DOE money were selected from a field of about 300 applicants, according to DOE officials.

The UTC technology uses synthetic enzymes to capture carbon dioxide that his emitted from the flues of coal-fire power plants.
It uses a synthetic version of carbonic anhydrase, the enzyme that is used to remove carbon dioxide from the body. Company officials believe it could be used to reduce the costs associated with capturing carbon dioxide as it comes out of power plant smoke stacks.

UTC officials were not immediately available for comment on Monday regarding how soon the technology might be ready for use.


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