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Friday, November 27, 2009

Connecticut Enviromental Group Rebukes Nukes As Solution To Global Warming

A new report by a state environmental group claims that the money that would needed to build the nation's first new nuclear power plant in 30 years would be better spent on efforts to promote energy efficiency and power from renewable sources.

The study, by the group Environment Connecticut, concludes there would need to be 100 new nuclear reactors built in this country over the next 20 years for the amount of emission that cause air pollution associated with global warming to be reduced by just 12 percent.

Even if it were possible to have that many new nuclear plants built over the next two decades, an estimated $600 billion dollars investment that would be required to do it, according to Environment Connecticut officials. Invest that same amount of money on clean energy projects and the reduction of air pollution associated with global warming would be twice as great as the nuclear solution, according to the study.

“When it comes to global warming, time and money are of the essence and nuclear power will fail America on both accounts,” said Christopher Phelps, Program Director with Environment Connecticut. “With government dollars more precious than ever, nuclear power is a foolish investment that will set us back in the race against global warming.”

Click here to access the group's full 52-page report.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy to see Environment Connecticut turn away from Nuclear Power. Nuclear power is expensive and overpriced. Unfortunately leaders across the environmental movement are embracing Nuclear power as is the Obama administration.

New technologies are coming on stream and will be cheap and affordable, but the transition technology is natural gas. Converting 20% of cars and trucks to natural gas, and 20% of oil and coal plants to Natural gas, would have an immediate impact on Conneticut and US emissions.

Unfortunately not in by back yard groups in Connecticut and elsewhere are preventing us from extending the US's ample supply of gas with world supplies.

Letting the gas flow will knock down oil prices and fuel alternative energy technologies like cogeneration and fuel cells. These technologies work today, in many cases with no need for subsidy. Lower gas prices will propel quickly.

Bring in foreign natural gas and the US gas producers will have to compete, lower prices and less carbon, what could be better.

December 2, 2009 at 3:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering there is no global warming, what does it matter?

December 23, 2009 at 12:05 PM 

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