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Friday, August 13, 2010

Utility Regulators Investigating Positive Energy

The saga of Positive Energy just gets more interesting by the day.

The Middlebury-based electricity aggregator is being investigated by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control. DPUC Spokesman Phil Dukes confirmed the existence of an investigation to the New Haven Register on Friday afternoon.

News of the investigation was first made public by blogger George Gombossy in this story on Friday morning.

The curious thing about the DPUC's admission that an investigation of Positive Energy is underway is that it didn't come until after Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal called for state utility regulators to look into the company on Thursday. Gombossy reported that the DPUC began its investigation last week after being contacted by a tipster that Dukes declined to name.

I can understand the DPUC not saying anything about an investigation at first.

After all, it's difficult to conduct an effective investigation into alleged wrongdoing under the glare of media coverage. But once Gombossy, whose blog appears on the New Haven Register web site, reported on Aug. 8th that the DPUC was not aware of Joseph Ventura being the president of Positive Energy until after regulators approved the company's license, officials of the state agency should have acknowledged that they had begun an investigation.

Because Ventura's name was not on the application that Positive Energy filed with DPUC in Feb. 2009 to become an aggregator of electricity, regulators had no way of knowing that the state Department of Banking had fined him $100,000 for lying on a mortgage application at a time when he was working as loan officer.


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