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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wallingford to Get Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle

It turns out that last week's news that Proton Energy Systems has reached an agreement with Toyota Motor Sales USA to bring 10 of the automaker’s hydrogen-powered vehicles to Connecticut was also good news for the town of Wallingford, where the company is based.

Proton Energy Systems has offered the town the use of one of those vehicles - 2009 Toyota Highlander (shown in photo above). Mayor William Dickinson Jr. put an item concerning the offer on next Tuesday's Town Council agenda for discussion.

Dickinson wasn't available for comment on Wednesday about how the vehicle will be used if town officials agree to accept the offer. But officials from Proton Energy are scheduled to attend the meeting to make a presentation on how the vehicle works. Proton Energy Systems makes equipment used to derive hydrogen from water.

The cars will arrive in Connecticut in mid-October, around the time that a hydrogen refueling station opens at Proton Energy’s Technology Drive headquarters, Rob Friedland, the company’s president and chief executive officer, said last week. Four of the cars will be made available for use by Proton Energy employees, while the rest will be given to a still-undetermined group of community leaders to use, he said.

The refueling station at Proton Energy, which will be solar-powered, will cost $2 million. Proton Energy and its sister company, SunHydro, announced in January that the Wallingford refueling station would be the first of a dozen that the two companies will develop on the East Coast.
Update: Mayor Dickinson says the hydrogen-powered vehicle will be used by the town's Health Department. He says the town has the use of the vehicle for a six-month period.


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