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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moving Toward a Renewable Future

Former New Haven Register staffer Randy Flaum is now assistant managing editor for visuals at the York (Pa.) Dispatch.

Today, on YouTube, Randy posted this video of a farmer from central Pennsylvania, William Fay, who explains why he decided to install a wind turbine on his property and solar panels on his barn.
I found the video interesting, even though I haven't done any comparative analysis between the renewable energy incentives offered in Pennsylvania versus those offered here in Connecticut.

What struck me about the video that I've linked to above is that when average folks like Mr. Fay start embracing renewable energy -warts and all - it is a hopeful sign that perhaps we will see more people here in the Land of Steady Habits follow suit.

It also should serve as a reminder to our political leaders in Connecticut that the state also has a wide variety of companies doing business in the alternative energy sector.

At a time when the state is losing jobs from legacy industries, lawmakers and our new governor-elect ought to be doing whatever they can to keep moving toward to a field that has a future.


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