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Monday, August 13, 2012

Message To UI: Do Your Job So We Can Do Ours

Saturday's downpours yielded a comparatively small number of power outages when viewed in the context of last year's Tropical Storm Irene and the October snow storm.

But for the 400-plus United Illuminating Co. customers in Milford who were without power Saturday afternoon, though, the inconvenience of not having any electricity was probably pretty annoying.

 The rains were heavy, sure, and caused some minor flooding.  But you'd like to believe UI's electric distribution system was up to the task of handling it.

Instead, by my estimation, some of the utility's Milford customers  were without power for about four hours

I would have liked to have been able to tell you on Saturday, as the outages were occurring, why the power was out for those Milford UI customers and when they might expect it would be restored. However, several calls to UI's after-hours media hot line failed to produce a return call.

This incident may not seem like a big deal in the large scheme of things and to some degree that is true. But let me pose this question to you: If UI officials can't be bothered to respond to a media call when only 400 or so customers are without power, how do you think the company will fare the next time a big storm hits?

It also begs the question that if the media can't get a response to a simple question like this, how well are customers going to fare when they try to get answers themselves?

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