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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wallingford Expects Swift Power Restoration

The municipal electric department in Wallingford has often been held up as paragon of the way power providers should do business in storms and that hasn't changed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Wallingford's emergency operations center is reporting that it expects electric service to be restored by midnight Wednesday to all of the 3,200 customers that were without power at the peak of the storm on Monday.

The Wallingford Electric Division began the day Tuesday with 1,270 outages or 5 percent of the utility's customers without power.That's down from 13 percent of customers without power at the height of the storm.

Officials expect to have outage levels in Wallingford reduced to 400 customers by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

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A Plea For Help From Southbury

Connecticut Light and Power and The United Illuminating Co., will spend some of Tuesday helping municipal road departments in communities across the state clear downed power lines and trees from roadways.

But what would you do if you were stuck in your home because of fallen trees and power lines across your driveway. That's the situation that Kim, a Southbury mom, is facing. Here's the viewing looking down the driveway from her house:

"Tried to tell  that we're trapped at our house because of downed lines across the driveway," Kim tweeted Tuesday morning. "I had to ask them to make a note. Welcome to our home! "

Southbury had 3,188 customers without power just before noon Tuesday. 

Note to Connecticut Light and Power: I know you guys are really busy all over the state right now. But can you at least contact this nice lady and give her an idea when you might address this or whether this is something that a private electrician can handle.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Renewable Energy Non-Profit Picks Connecticut Solar Program To Receive SLICE Award

The film industry has the Oscars, the television industry has the Emmys and Broadway has the Tony Awards. And if you're in the business of creating renewable energy programs for state government agencies, there is  the State Leadership in Clean Energy or SLICE Awards.

Okay, so maybe the name doesn't get your heart beating a little faster like the other three awards I just mentioned. But the folks at the state's Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority were proud enough about it to let us know on Monday that the agency is being honored for its Connecticut Solar Lease program.

The Connecticut Solar Lease program was of seven winners in the State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards, sponsored by the Clean Energy States Alliance. The Montpelier, Vt.-based non-profit works with state and federal leaders as well as energy industry officials to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The Connecticut Solar Lease program was one of three award winners from New England. The other two were the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Pilot Program and the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission's Residential Wood-Pellet Boiler Rebate program (whomever comes up with these names must get paid by the letter).

The SLICE Awards honor state programs that in the words of the Clean Energy States Alliance "are most effectively accelerating adoption of clean energy technologies."

The link to the Clean Energy States Alliance above will allow you to review detailed information about the seven award winners as well as the awards contest itself.

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