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Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Study Says Connecticut Energy Costs High, But So Are Efforts to Reduce Usage

While it hardly comes a surprise that Connecticut consumers have some of the highest energy bills in the country, a new study actually quantifies costs here versus other states and the District of Columbia.

The new WalletHub study ranks Connecticut as the third most expensive state for energy costs trailed by only Mississippi and Hawaii. Connecticut's residents average $404 per month in energy costs, which WalletHub calculates using three components: Monthly electric and natural gas costs as well as automotive fuel costs.

The average Connecticut resident pays $143 per month for electricity. Only residents of Hawaii, who have an average electric bill of $209 per month pay more than those of us in the Nutmeg State.

Connecticut residents pay an average of $98 for natural gas costs. That may give pause to those among us who are considering whether to convert from heating their homes from oil to natural gas as part of the ten-year long push to expand usage of the fuel in the state under Gov. Dannel Malloy's Strategic Comprehensive Energy Strategy.

Only three other places saw their residents pay more on average per month for natural gas, according to the WalletHub study: Alaska, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

Surprisingly, Connecticut ranks 14th in what WalletHub identifies as fuel costs for gasoline with average monthly expense coming in at $167 per month. The study reaches that number through a calculation that involves average monthly vehicle miles traveled / average car consumption /number of drivers

I have to admit I'm a little skeptical on this ranking.

 Let's assume that the average Connecticut household has two cars. Knowing that it's pretty hard to get a full tank of gas for less than $50, that would mean that the two-car household could only fill up three times a month.

One thing the study claims that Connecticut excels at is efficient energy use. The state is ranked 10th in fuel consumption per drive and 16th in terms of electricity consumption per consumer.

WalletHub is a social media network that provides tools that it says help consumers maker smarter financial decisions.

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