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Friday, October 14, 2016

Cost Projections For Winter Home Heating Season Provide Cold Comfort

 If you haven't had to fire up your furnace yet,  the latest data from the the U.S Energy Information Administration may make you think twice about turning up the thermostat.
The EIA is projecting that most U.S. household s can expect to pay more for natural gas, oil, propane and electric heating this winter than they did last winter

Agency officials say warmer-than normal temperatures reduced heating demand to its lowest level in 25 years last winter.
Pete Gioia
 Although home heating prices are going to be more expensive this winter, the projection needs to be viewed in context. Expenditures this  winter are expected to be comparable to or lower than the average winters from 2010–11 through 2014–15, according to the EIA.

And what does that translate to in actual dollars and cents for Connecticut families?

 Pete Gioia, vice president and economist with the Connecticut Business & Industry Association says  he expects the average family will spend about $1,000 less for heating during the next five months.

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