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Monday, February 13, 2017

CNG Heading Into Hebron

Connecticut Natural Gas, a subsidiary of New Haven-based Avangrid, has received local approval to expand in the town of Hebron.
The company expects  to start construction this spring on an approximately 8-mile natural gas main that will serve the regional high school and middle school, two elementary schools and all of Hebron’s municipal buildings. Hebron voters approved the project at a town meeting earlier this month.
Monday's announcement about the Hebron extension comes following CNG's installation of new 3.6-mile natural gas main in Coventry, CNG also plans to expand into Bolton, which is located on Hebron's northern border, later this year.
Hebron’s new gas main, expected to be finished later this year, will serve the Regional Hebron, Andover & Marlborough (RHAM) high school and middle school; Gilead and Hebron elementary schools; and all municipal buildings, including Town Hall, Douglas Library, and the fire department and senior center.
“This project will make natural gas heat a clean, affordable choice for many Hebron residents while helping to reduce the town’s overall energy costs,” Hebron Town Manager Andrew J. Tierney said in a statement.
CNG's sister utility, Orange-based Southern Connecticut Gas, has also been expanding its distribution network. The two companies built 37.5 miles of new distribution main between them in 2016.
 Since 2014, they have added approximately 34,500 new commercial and residential natural gas customers, following through on a commitment to expand energy choice in Connecticut.
 Avangrid was created to oversee all of the U.S. operations of Iberdrola, the Spanish energy giant, after it merged with New Haven-based UIL Holdings in 2015.

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